Valentino Resort and Spa Day tour

A day  away from bustling city life is really a good break for me. So i decided to do this day tour after reading some blogs and i got an idea where to go that’s not so far from Manila and budget friendly. I choose Valentino Resort and Spa.

Valentino Resort and Spa is just about 2 hrs away from Manila if you are coming from Alabang.This is locate right in San Jose, Batangas that offers one of a kind relaxation , peace and fun from all the amenities they have. You can have  a glimpse of Mt Maculot on the way  to the resort. If you are looking for a nature inspired resort with a nice pool and jacuzzi this is a perfect place for you.

Getting To Valentino Resort and Spa

Travelling from Manila is not that hard. I started from Sucat and took a bus to Alabang South Station, and from there i just hopped in to Dela Rosa Bus going to Batangas just tell the conductor to drop you in Crossing. (they will drop you in front of Jollibee crossing).You can also take bus going to Lemery and they will drop you near the Resort. In my case i went down to Jollibee crossing  and took a jeepney going to Lemery.Just tell the driver to drop you in Valentino and they know it. You will see a big signage so you wont be lost. There are some trike that offers  to  driver for you for 25 pesos but you can just walk around for 5 minutes for 300 meters only if you don’t have big bags and luggage you can just walk.

Fare Breakdown

9 Jeep to Sucat

10 Bus to Alabang

104 Bus from Alabang to Crossing Lipa

9 Jeep to Valentino Resort

132.00 pesos  TOTAL FARE one way x 2 = 264 back and fourth

Upon arrival to the resort  the guard will assist you to the Information area. You will be asked if you have a reservation. I did a day before my arrival.They will ask you if you have some cooked food as they have a corkage for a minimal amount.I only got some burger and chips and water with me and they don’t charge you for that. I payed for the entrance fee and you need to get a cabana its a must as no other place for you to put your belongings.

the lobby

After paying there’s a guy that guided me to the cabana area, he asked me to ride the golf cart.. aww cute. for like 1 minute ride haha.

So i arrived in the area where i can rest , place my belongings and chill. All cabanas are located in the pool area. My cabana is located in the Main pool with Jacuzzi.

big cabanas for 4-6 pax

small cabanas for 1-3 pax

It was early morning and it was so peaceful, quite and good opportunity to take photos.

No one is around the resort when i arrived probably they are sleeping  still. There’s no day tour guest also that time so the whole resort is mine for sometime. I roam around and wander with the amazing surroundings this place offers. Lots of trees, flowers, butterflies, birds singing. Wow its really a good getaway!

picturesque view 

peaceful and quite

love this pool and jacuzzi

me in the jacuzzi .. ohh its so cold plus its little bit raining

lots of butterflies

and lots of flowers i don’t know what the name is

now its raining

i fell in love with this place

enjoying in the jacuzzi

i literally owned the resort for sometime

I was walking around and i saw this stairs and climb up to see whats up there. Wow there’s a hanging bridge  its on the 4th or 5th floor. I love this hanging bridge and  you can look around and see the pool downstairs, Of course i wouldn’t pass the opportunity to take a nice hanging bridge photo.

view from the hanging bridge

hanging bridge where you can take photos

I went to the other side to see the other 2 pool. It was very calm and quite too, there’s a small kiddie playground and some big cabanas. It was also nice to take photos here. the pool is good for kids too as its shallow.  The weather that day is not really nice a little gloomy and eventually the rain poured hard. But i was able to take photos, dipped in the water, enjoyed the jacuzzi, relaxed in the cabanas , so when its raining i was just sitting and relaxing and eating some of my brought in snacks and watch the rain while laying in my cabanas  ☺ it was such a nice day for me.

small pool is for kiddos

this is for kiddos at heart 3-5 ft approx

selfie by the pool

serenity as its best

Around 2 pm  i started packing up. I washed up in the shared bathroom in the middle of the trees. since no one is around i feel scared hahaha..i ended up calling a friend while am taking a shower just to feel and imagine am not alone. i know that’s crazy but yes i feel scared that time hahaha.. i am used to be alone but not in the middle of nature, taking shower alone with lots of shower room in the area, ok i took shower and i didn’t close the door!

So around 2.30pm i checked out  with the good memories and experience to this resort and walk back to the jeepney station.this time i took jeep going to Sm Lipa and from Sm Lipa i took bus going back to south station Alabang And Jeep to Sucat  and Sucat to Sm BF .  And Home sweet home.

Since it was just a Day tour i didn’t tried to check the accommodation but for your idea:

Room Accommodations such as:

Villas – price ranges from 4600-6500 pesos good for 4 to 6 persons

Suites – price ranges from 2500- 3200 pesos good for 2 persons

Valentino Place – price ranges from 1500-19,800 pesos good for 2 to 36 persons.

Cabanas- price ranges from 350-550 pesos good for 1- 6 persons

room rates

Entrance fees are :

Monday to Thursday – Kids (175) Adult (275)

Friday to Sunday       – Kids (200) Adult (300)

Amenities and Facilities are :


Patron Sports Center

Function Hall

Conference Hall

KTV Package

Spa house

Go Karts

Pool and Jacuzzi

View Deck and Garden


Coffee Shop

Souvenir Shop

Inhouse Restaurant

Summary of Expenses 

264.00 Fare Back and fourth

625.00 Entrance and CaBana

125.00 Breakfast at Mcdo

165.00 Lunch at Bonchon Sm Batangas

81.00 Snack i bought on the way

1260.00 php TOTAL EXPENSES

NOTE: Visit on weekdays to enjoy as there will be no much guest at that time especially early morning. Bring insect repellent as there’s big mosquitoes around. You can bring your own food if you are in budget, cooked food have 50 pesos corkage charge per person.  Thanks for reading!

Valentino Resort Spa –

Have fun and enjoy!!

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