The Island Tour (Dolphin Watching, Balicasag Island and Virgin Island)

It was such an awesome morning after a tiring day yesterday. Fun filled day with my Countryside tour. Today is another day of full packed activities i planned prior to my arrival, thanks  to the Bohol Cocofarm for arranging this tour for me. Ill be joining other travelers for this Island Tour event.

I woke up at 5.00 early in the morning to prepare myself for the 5.45am call time to be held in Alona Beach. While waiting for the other joiners i had my lunch packed by the resort i am staying and it was  great sandwich and banana to start my day.

6.30am  we all started jumping on to the motorboat for our first destination.


30 mins  from the Alona Beach in the middle of Bohol Sea. I was astonished with what i saw . OMG group of  Dolphins Swimming and playing along with the boats the surrounds them, its like they are giving a show to all the guest waiting for them. All i can is WOW. That was my first time to see bunch of Dolphin in the sea. It was so amazing. One of a kind experience and its a privileged to see them live. We stopped sailing just to watch them for about 15 mins .Super worth the travel Super worth waking up early!


 About 15-20 mins from the Dolphin Watching, We arrived at this small Island Sanctuary calledBalicasag Island. You have 3 options what you wanted to do here.

1. Snorkel in Fish Sanctuary

2. Snorkel in Turtle Sanctuary

3. Diving in the Fish Sanctuary

I did the Snorkelling with  Fish and Turtle, with 2 different fees. You have 30mins to enjoy each sanctuaries.

The Fish Sanctuary is amazing .. I enjoyed it a lot in here. Very rich marine life, lots of colorful different fishes, all i can say is WOW! One of the best snorkelling sites I’ve even seen so far.

The Turtle Sanctuary is quite ok. Unfortunately not so much turtle but i have seen 4 turtles and one of them is huge turtle i have seen a turtle that big but only in zoo. But this time its swimming free in the ocean so i feel great.

Fish Sanctuary is cheaper than Turtle Sanctuary i can say is choose the fish sanctuary over the turtle if you are in a tight budget. By the way they charge 100 pesos for snorkelling gear so if you have your own better bring to save some bucks.

 awesome giant turtle

crystal clear water


Another 15-20 mins of travel from the Balicasag Island you will see an awesome island. You will see nothing but boats and guest around the area. There is no hotel or restaurants around. There was this small island nearby but i guess it was Private Island i  didn’t had the chance to ask what is the name of that Island or who owns that . Anyway as soon as we arrived the Virgin Island the boatman gave us 30 mins to savor and enjoy the place. That day the weather is so good and its very hot. Perfect to take good pictures and to have a very good tan line. I loved the want sands, pristine water, and the blue sky. Perfect!

About 10 boats are there when we arrived the island but good thing  people are not in juts one place so they are in different parts so you have the time to take photo alone , you can make a good selfies or landscape photo. I didn’t try to swim as i was busy taking pictures and enjoying the view. There are some locals selling seafood, banana cue drinks and some other stuff. It was a very nice place indeed but can be too hot in the afternoon as there is no cottages around.

i dont have any idea what is this 

they sell this for decoration and souvenirs

End of tour : 11.30 am

Breakdown of Expenses 

Tour Fee                          

(including boat transfer, environmental fee to

balicasag island, transfer to alona beach)                            490.00

Snorkelling with Turtles fee                                                200.00

Snorkelling at Fish Sanctuary                                              150.00

Total of expenses               ——————————–>>>840.00

Thank you for reading ;-). See you on my next Blog —>> Panglao Inland Tour

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