Phu Quoc Island


Phú Quốc is a Vietnamese island off the coast of Cambodia in the Gulf of Thailand. It’s known for white-sand beaches and resorts, most of which are along the palm-lined southwest coast. More than half of the island is part of Phú Quốc National Park, which features mountains, dense tropical jungle, hiking trails and wildlife. Duong Dong is the largest town, with day and night markets selling crafts, produce and fish.

While most of us here in the Philippines never heard of this Island,I got an interest exploring this place when i saw photos in the internet and since am traveling to Ho Chi Minh i told my self why not give it a try. So after i booked my round trip ticket MNL- HCMC-MNL, i  researched how to go to Phú Quốc  Island and so on and so fourth and ended up booking a back and fourth plane ticket to Phú Quốc and looking up for accommodation. There are lots of places to stay there and i got a nice gem in the heart of this tiny Island.

From Ho Chi Minh City i travelled to Tan Son Nhat Airport From District 1 through Grab bike which is mostly used in the city. Checked in to Jetstar Asia and flew for less than an hour trip. It was a very short ride  good thing is the weather if perfect and calm. Fare is 2,850 pesos back and fourth HCMC.


Airport Arrival Hall

Upon Arrival to the Island i was amazed how quite it was, its just a very small airport surrounded of natures beauty, lush of greens and valley. Be wary to the Taxi operators in the airport as  as soon as they know that you are a tourist they try to rip you off. Mai Linh is a recommended taxi operator and i looked for this taxi when i arrived. So the Price ranges depends on where your accommodation is located. At my end i got a hotel in the center of  Duong Dong and  the fare is about 100 pesos.

Checking In at the hotel. I booked hotel named The Naked Table for 4days and 3 nights to explore the wonders of this island. The Hotel is owned by an Indian guy who is very accommodating as well as his wifey. The place is amazing, small resort but i felt very good in this place. Big bed with a big bathroom as in big, with television, and mini fridge.Glass door and window ohh i love this! Mini garden is cute and also they have an awesome pool! And ofcourse they have free breakfast.☺☺☺ Accommodation for the duration of my stay is about 4200 pesos for budget double room.


Budget Double Room with a huge bed


Bathroom good for 4 pax hahaa

Since i arrived late  afternoon i just checked in,took photos of the place, rest and took nap, i went out at night (can walk around and its safe even at night)  to get my dinner and i saw a local restaurant and dined there. Nice food fair price and tried local beer. The resto name is Au Lac. Dinner cost about 500 pesos as i ate lots as in lots.☺☺


seafood fried rice


breaded oysters


local made beer


butter and garlic clams

Getting around the Island

On my Second day, Tour around the island i started early, got my free breakfast offered by the hotel and proceed to my tour this is actually free as i just hopped in to motor ride with  fellow traveler , so yes i saved money for this one day tour! i Just shared 300 pesos for the motorcycle rent as i don’t know how to use motor so better like this am just a passenger .


 breakfast for day 1 and 2


native indian breakfast for day 3

1st stop is the Chua Phap Quang Temple. I just took photo and bought Ban Mi and Passion fruit juice for 90 pesos.


 pulled pork ban mi


 passion fruit juice

Then  we proceed to Starfish Island. Its free  and no entrance.This island  has a potential to be a good tourist destination if the people in this area protect and take care of this place. Its facing one of  Cambodia’s Island.Literally there’s lots of starfish in the shore, but the place is quite dirty its kinda secluded and u have to get wet as you will cross a small river like place to reach this place  but since there are people living around the area, the waste and the garbage are around and kinda stinky. To be fair the it is white sand nice white sand. Hopefully people here will take care of this place i feel pity about this little gem.


starfish island


white sand

While driving around the area , we saw a street food and had a stop over for our snack.I got a rice pancake as they call it which is very interesting to me, its a rice paper with some meat and spices and herbs grilled in a small grilling place, it taste good and little spicy which i enjoyed so i ordered one more each rice pancake cost 22 pesos and i got this ice crumbled for 22 pesos only so i got my lunch for 66 pesos.


 rice pancake

We also passed by the Pepper Farm and had a quick look, and took some photo and sight seeing .No entrance fee here.


pepper in the street

After a long drive, we stopped over again to get late  lunch around Duong Dong area and saw this korean Restaurant.

Got steamed crab, rice and a lime juice for 274 pesos. I asked to taste the food ordered by fellow traveller and wow that’s just amazing.I also had a sip of Vietnamese Beer named Saigon. Taste ok for me.


saigon beer


 yummy i dunno the name of this dish


healthy lemon juice


 steamed crab

Last Stop for this day is the Long Beach. Free of charge  and you can enjoy the amazing sunset in this long public beach. There are some resorts around the area but i went to the last part of the beach near the pearl farm. The place is not that nice but good enough to watch the sunset and enjoy the beach.Its interesting that the color of the sand is orange brown. Stayed for an hour before heading back to the hotel.


awesome brown orange sand


sunset at long beach

Dinner time☺Went  again with the fellow traveller as we agreed to eat together and share food and expenses. We went to this famous restaurant named Oc Dau Quan as lots of people are waiting their turn to have a table and seat to enjoy the food they serve, luckily we didn’t wait long as when we arrived there is one table available for 2. I really enjoyed the dinner in this place , aside from the food is sooo tasty its quite affordable and worth the price. We got seafood fried rice, grilled squid, grilled shrimp, baked scallops which is my favorite and vietnam 7up.We shared for the bill and payed 308 pesos for me.

food trippin again

After dinner , we had a quick sight seeing in the night market , a place where you can buy different stuff such as souvenirs, clothes, coffees, ref magnets and some restaurants around. i just had a quick walk and i got a Phu Quoc Island fridge magnet for me 285 pesos for  5 pcs. Then travel back to hotel.


phu quoc night market

3rd day. I started early  had my free breakfast  and waited for the pick up for my South Phu Quoc island adventure i booked through klook for 780 pesos. The tour includes sightseeing and entrance to Phu Quoc Pearls, and Ferry tour with snorkelling ,and lastly trip to Bai Sao beach and lunch on board.

Phu Quoc Pearl allows us to watch and see how to get the pearl inside the shell, stroll in the pearl store and do shopping if you are interested, i just bought some key chains worth 245 pesos for 7 pcs. Then we proceed to the ferry terminal to bring us to the 2 snorkelling sites, we travelled for like 30 mins to arrived in the ferry station, then another 30 mins travel to the snorkelling site #1. I went to get snorkelling gear and tried to snorkel unfortunately i haven’t seen anything interesting in this first island, after few minutes i went back to boat and relax. They served lunch on board which is good enough i shared food with different people from different places on earth☺. after having lunch we proceed to the next snorkelling site , the view is nice but i didn’t  go to snorkel i just watch people and took photo and relax again. 2pm we packed up and get ready to go to Bai Sao beach.




pearl farm


snorkelling site


lunch with strangers hahaaa


i don’t wanna snorkel anymore i just relax and lay here

Bai Sao Beach. Is a white powdery sand beach which they said to be post card perfect as its really beautiful. it is located 25 km from Duong Dong. It is relaxed, unspoiled and amazing place in the island the best beach they said the island can offer. This is the best place i visited in the entire Island. Since i am beach love,I fell in love with the beauty of the beach, the sand, the sky, and everything. It is not crowded when we visited and i enjoyed really my stay. Had my native snack in the beach i don’t know how they call it but its similar to Philippines sticky rice called  kareoka. Its only 20 pesos.


 the bai sao beach


super fine prestine white sand


 my snacks for the day

After the tiring day  i just stayed in the hotel dipped to the pool and i fell asleep and forgot to have my dinner. It was a very productive and enjoyable day indeed.


 relax .. relax.. relax…


nice pool to relax here and no one is around.

Last day. Woke up around 9 am, and had my breakfast packed up my bags and prepare travelling back to HCMC. I took Taxi for 120 pesos and here i am saying goodbye to a beautiful place Phu Quoc Island. It was such an awesome short vacation here. I definitely enjoyed the island.


Breakdown of expenses 

Airfare – HCMC-Phu quoc-HCMC   –  2850.00

Hotel                                                    – 4200.00

Transpo                                               –   520.00

Klook Tour                                          –   780.00

Food                                                    – 1231.00

Souvenirs                                            –   532.00

TOTAL OF EXPENSES    ——–    10,113.00 pesos all in for 4nights 3days
Thanks for reading!! hope you enjoy!

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