Bantayan Island 2nd Wave

Virgin Island

Bantayan Island is one of my favorite island in Cebu. It was located to the west of the northern end of Cebu. It was divided into three main municipalities Bantayan in the central part, Madridejos, in the northern part and Sta Fe in the southern part. Among all municipalities, Sta Fe is the most famous  as there you can find amazing beaches and numerous resorts and restaurants. It is one of the place i will never get tired of coming back and will never stop me even though  its long travel and with different mode of transportation. Its all worth it.

Getting to Bantayan Island from Manila

There are daily flights from Manila to Cebu whether its via Cebu Pacific, Air Asia, or Phil Airlines. I prefer the early morning flight  that you will be arriving in Cebu by 2 am to be able to catch the bus departing at 3:00am.

So when you are in Mactan International Airport  get a  grab or uber or taxi (white metered taxi) heading to North Bus Terminal the fare thru grab is about 138 pesos ( i got a 100pesos discount from BESTOFCEBU promo in the airport.

Take the Ceres bus going to Hagnaya Port or Bantayan via Sta Fe. Check out the  schedule below. Fare of the aircon bus to Hagnaya port is 170 pesos for 3-4 hrs travel time and can be longer depends on the time you travel. There’s also UV Hire for same fare and they said shorter trip but not for me as it will be very full and and leg area will not be comfortable so i suggest go with bus so you can sit properly and relax on your trip.

Ceres Bus Schedules

Cebu North Bus Station to Bantayan Town – Departs:Bantayan Town to Cebu North Bus Station – Departs:
11:45 pm5:00 am
12:15 am7:30 am
3:00 am9:30 am
6:00 am11:30 am
8:00 am1:30 pm
10:00 am3:30 pm
12:00 pm5:00 pm

Upon arriving to Hagnaya Port  get a ferry ticket on Super Shuttle or Island Shipping. Fare is 170 pesos plus 10 pesos environmental fees.Travel time is 1 hour only.

Hagnaya Port

Fares and Schedules :

Hagnaya Port to Santa Fe Port – Departure Times

Island ShippingSuper Shuttle
3:00 am4:00 am
5:00 am7:00 am
6:30 am8:00 am
9:30 am10:30 am
11:30 am12:30 pm
1:30 pm2:30 pm
3:30 pm4:30 pm
5:30 pm

Santa Fe Port to Hagnaya Port – Departure Times

Island ShippingSuper Shuttle
5:00 am6:00 am
7:30 am8:30 am
9:30 am10:30 am
11:30 am12:30 pm
1:30 pm2:30 pm
3:30 pm4:30 pm
5:30 pm6:00 pm
RoRo to and from Hagnaya

I took island shipping going back  to hagnaya and super shuttle going to sta fe

Ferry Ticket Prices – Hagnaya Port to Santa Fe Port on Bantayan Island

Ticket TypeIsland ShippingSuper Shuttle
Kids 1 – 118585
Motorbikes500 – 700
Van & SUV1850

Getting around Bantayan Island 

When you arrived to Sta Fe Port there are lots of Trikes and pedicabs waiting  outside and will take you to the resort of your choice for min of 20 pesos fare. Some resorts also offers free pick up so better coordinate with your resort owner so less hassle when  you arrived the island.

Usually most of the resorts are just walking distance around Sta Fe but from Port you need to take a ride.

Where to Stay

There are lots of Resorts and Accomodations around Sta Fe such as Anika, Sta Fe Beach Club, Hoyohoy, Beach Placid, Marlins,  or even houses and room for rent. Its all up to you and your budget. If you want good service and view and amenities of course go to nice resorts but if your in a budget i suggest go for room for rent that will save lots of bucks for you plus the advantage of having an access  for cooking your own food.

Last Visit in Bantayan Island i stayed in Kota Beach which  became famous  because of the movie “Camp Sawi”. and ofcourse with its nice scenic view of sandbar just right in front of the resort. I  stayed in one of their rooms at the back that cost 900 pesos a night for bed good for 2 and non aircon,

You can book  through this link :http://

non aircon room  at the last row  

nice to relax while enjoying the weather and the view 

This time i stayed in  a guest house and i am very happy i booked in this place it was :

Annies Rest House. Found on Facebook and i messaged them and got a reply asap. I saw the view from the room and the room itself and made me decided to book  4days 3nights here. For 1000 a night with an awesome big aircon  room good for 3 pax , with own bathroom, Cable TV and Refrigerator, free wifi connection ,  plus and awesome veranda which you can relax and  see part of the beach (room is located at the back of Amihan Resort), super windy at night, and ofcourse you can cook your own food in their kitchen. Such a good deal right?

the view from my veranda (back of amihan beach resort)

my spacious room good for 3 pax

with personal ref and cable tv

clean bathroom

Highly Recommended! If you want to book  in their room you can check them out on their page.

or you can send her direct message  pls contact – Annie Saagundo /F. Roska St. Talisay Sta Fe, Cebu 09083094752 / 032-4389995

Things To Do

There are lots of things to do in Bantayan Island. 

1. Check out the Paradise Beach. Its a secluded beach with  with sand and prestine blue water. No resort no anything in the area if you want to relax and rest this is good for you to unwind and ofcourse take lots of photo and selfie with you. Going there should be in Single motor as the road is not that good for 50 pesos entrance you will be in heaven ;-). No bathroom  No food stalls. Bring lots of food and water and ofcourse sunblock.I did this trip on my first visit i rented habal habal driver for 500 half day tour – paradise beach, omagieca magrove garden, ogtong cave , and the Old church.

its really paradise , when i was there only 2 guest . me and another  solo traveller

2.Ogtong Beach Resort and Ogtong Cave. If your a guest in Ogtong Beach Resort you dont have to pay entrance for the pool and the cave. But if you are just walkin guest you have to pay 100 pesos to have a look inside the resort take photo and check out the famous Ogtong Cave. Oh Btw you have to pay 100 additional for the pool if you wanted to swim.

cold water 

no one is around in the cave pool

3. Omagieca Mangrove Park. This place is one of the nice place in Bantayan, I like how they protect the mangrove that is very helpful to our environment. for 50 pesos entrance you can walk around the area and take photos explore the place   or eat in their restaurant. Awesome weather when i was there and its nice to spend an hour or 2 just sit down and relax in the park.

this is amazing!

4.Clift Diving Area or they called it German Ruins. This place is free of entrance with an amazing view. If you love clift diving you will like the place. Also its popular coz this place was taken as one of the scene in Camp Sawi where Sam Milby and Bella Padilla Jump and enjoy the water. Also the ruins with lots of graffiti is good for photo ops. Too bad that when i was there it rained so i didnt got a good photo its quite dark.

remember the scene from camp sawi where Bela Padilla and Sam Milby jumped in the cliff.

the German ruins with graffitis

5. Kota Park. This is the farthest among all atractions in Bantayan. No entrance fee and you can witness the amazing sunset. You can also see ruins of the old fort built around 1790’s. Havent visited the place but they said a sunset in this place is a must see. 

6. Kota Beach. If you are familiar with the movie Camp Sawi for sure you will noticed the place was taken in Kota Beach resort with the signage of Camp Sawi. This resort is famous for having the nicest beach front with a sandbar. depending on the season, First i  visited the sandbar is visible and that was June. Second time i visited was just February and no sandbar.

camp sawi sign . but now no more they removed it 

the amazing sandbar. June its visible but not when i visit this February

clear and clean calm water 

early morning at the Kota

7.Watch and learn how to Kite Surf. Just right next to my rest house. You can find the Amihan Beach resort which they offer Kite surfing lesson or if you dont have the budget you can just simoly watch . Just site anywhere in front of the beach and enjoy watching.

i enjoyed watching this kite surfing.. 

8. Food Tripping. Visit the famous MJ square to satisfy your cravings. Food Establishment such as Panyangs, Mikes (greek food). Shake me, Tapa Master, Stix smoke house and many more.You can also visit the nearby restaurants and bars such as Coucou Bar, HR bar and Restaurants which happens to be my favorite, Blue Bar, etc. Or If your in a tight budget , wake up early and go to the public market and get fresh catch fish and cook  on your own. That can save lots of bucks.

greek platter from mike’s

sweet n sour pork good for sharing @ HR – Happy Hour

tapsilog @Tapa Master

happy hour Spaghetti Bolognese @HR Music Bar and restaurant

Mango Shake @Shake Me

happy hour again @HRrestobar and restaurant

Sizzling scallops for dinner @stixsmokehouse

dinner at my veranda plus strawberry milkshake @ShakeMe

chicken wing bbq and grilled scallops @stixsmokehouse

Tocilog breakfast @HR

Avocado milkshake @SHakeMe

Parrot fish Fresh from the Market

9. Just Swimming.  Just go to the nearest beach area, bring a bottle of beer, chips and alas you can enjoy the day with out spending much.

virgin beach

10.Bantayan Nature Park. This place is quite far  from Sta Fe and you need to hire a HAbal to take you there. I rented  habal habal driver for 400 to check out Bantayan Nature Park and Clift Diving Spot. Well i can say the place is quite small and if you want peace you will get that as its sooo far from everything. Nothing much to do good they have swimming pool. Beach area not really nice.I travelled for almost 30 mins but i stayed to take photo for only 10 mins.. Not Really worth the travel and spending much to see this place. But nice just for experience.

entrance of the Sto Nino Cave

11.Island Hopping to Virgin Beach. Going to Virgin Beach is quite expensive. You need to find someone you can  join fr the tour as it will  requires you to rent the boat. Usually island tour boat rental cost like 800-1200 2 way. Virgin Beach and Hilantagan Island. Luckily i joined a family of 3 going to the island which allows me to pay only 600 for boat and 100 for entrance. Take Note first 2 guest entrance fee is 500 and the succeeding will be paying 100 pesos. 

This is the highlight of my trip. I always wanted to go to this island even in my first trip but i  think it was so expensive for just a couple of hours staying in this resort. But all i can say is, Its all worth it and its really amazing how this place is well managed and well taken cared of. The beach is quite,clean white sand with  prestine blue water, lots of trees around, flowers, cute cottages. the good vibe is there, very quite, serene and peaceful, uncrowded which i love the most. For those who want peace and serenity its nice to spend a night in this resort for a very cheap price of 1500 non aircon native room max of 4 pax. They have restaurant in the area in case you need to fill your hungry  tummy. Worth the trip . Worth the stay. Amazing  a place called heaven on earth!

this is just a paradise

calm and clear water

white sand and my white legs lololol

truly  a place to relax 

My 4 days and 3 nights are well spent here with proper rest, island hopping, beach bumming and nature sight seeing. Worth the trip, worth the effort and enjoyed the food.

Note: Some of the photos  were taken from my last visit. 

Budget and Expenses Summary

Note:Airfare and Accomodation not  included. 

Airfare : Manila – Cebu- Manila – 3500 (Cebu Pac- PAL)

Accomodation : 1000 x 3 nights

You can actually save alot if you will cook for yourself or just simply go eat to cheap places.

Thanks for reading and i hope this blog will help you on your future travels! Cheers!!!

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