5D4N Bali Indonesia Trip

Year End trip with family is always a must for me and my sisters and my son. Its a must that we should go somewhere as a reward for the whole year of hardworking. Bali Indonesia , is this year’s plan getaway for all of us. Planned 6 months ahead, booked flights , rooms, and coordinated with the tour operator.

How to get to Bali
We came from Manila  and we have to go to Ninoy Aquino Terminal 3 for Cebu Pacific Flight. Same as if you will fly by Air Asia. While Philippine Airlines passenger will have to go to the Ninoy Aquino Terminal 2. All of these Airlines have a several flights daily from Manila to Bali.
Getting Around Bali.
Bali is a nice place but its very rare to find a public transportation , so i recommend every guest to pre book a tour organizer to make your Bali Trip easier and hassle free. I recommend Ngurah Weda of Bali Top Tours. Since i  booked a tour to Weda, we been picked up by his Driver / Guide to tour us for this day Schedule.

DreamLand Beach and Padang Padang Beach

Day 1 Arrival Morning

Upon  our arrival to Bali, Indonesia. The designated tour guide/driver is already to pick us up.As booked through Mr. Ngurah Weda, the driver is on time and ready to give us a tour scheduled for the day.
WEDA-Bali Top Tours
X Plore Nusapenida
Ngurah Weda
📞 | WA | Viber:

Around 9:00 am we started our journey to the first destination.

We supposed to visit the Pandawa Beach, Padang Padang Beach, and Dreamland Beach but due to time restriction we opted to skip the Pandawa Beach. We headed directly to the Dreamland each.

Dreamland Beach is located on the Bukit Peninsula.Also tagged as one of the hidden beaches in Bali with wide stretch of white sand secluded by limestone cliffs. This beach is very popular for day trippers and surfers as the waves here is  very good for surfing. the blue water is really amazing and you will appreciate it when the weather is good and sunny. you can see the beauty of the sand, the beach is almost perfect. You can rest some chairs for you to relax and put your belongings  and to have a bit of shade under the sun or simply just bring your things with you and put it in the sand and wander around the beach, swim or  surf.

Parental Guidance to the small kids is a must as the wave is huge and for their safety.

The entrance fee to the Dreamland Beach is 20K IDR per person. Upon arriving to the area, there’s a shuttle to the beach which you will  you will be riding again back to the pick up and drop off point and its included to the entrance fee, its about 3 minutes ride to the beach area. there are some stores and grocery  if you need to buy foods, drink or even clothes or souvenirs, and also toilets for changing.

After about 45 minutes of  enjoying the view and taking photos we went back to the pickup station going back to our service car. We are now ready for the next destination. Padang Padang Beach.

After 30 minutes of driving we arrived at the Padang Padang beach. Padang padang beach is a beach located at the north western coast of Bukit Peninsula and its also know as Pantai Labuan Sait.This beach was also featured as a romantic setting in a hollywood movie ‘Eat Pray Love” played by JUlia Roberts back on 2010.

Going to the beach you have to access the stairs, just you need to take care as maybe to others it maybe steep. but when you reach down, you will be greeted by a beautiful beach, green lush and blue green water with a pristine sands.Around the area, you can find stores renting out surfing boards, and even some foods and drinks for snacks. Same as Dreamland Beach , the waves here  is also not suitable for beginners but the shores is great for family and kids.Good for sunbathing, picnic and relaxing.The entrance fee here is only 10K IDR.

Oneighty Day Trip

Day 1 Afternoon

Bali is an Indonesian Island known for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs. The island is home to religious sites such as cliffside Uluwatu Temple. To the south, the beachside city of Kuta has lively bars, while Seminyak, Sanur and Nusa Dua are popular resort towns. The island is also known for its yoga and meditation retreats.One of the Tourist Spot and one of the must to visit if you wanted to experience a bit of luxury for a day. The Edge Uluwatu /One Eighty is perfect place to enjoy, relax and wander to the beauty of nature.

. We are schedule to visit the Padang Padang Beach and Dreamland Beach, but the highlight of this day is the The Edge. Find out why.After visiting Padang padang Beach, and Dreamland Beach , we headed to the ‘The EDGE/ Oneighty”. BY the way you have to book a reservation prior to your arrival as they don’t accept walk in visitor to prioritize those who booked earlier. The options for Daytour are : Regular Admission  and VIP Admission.
The Oneighty is located at The Edge Villa Resort in Pecatu, Uluwatu, a short drive from Uluwatu Temple.They have an an ample parking spaces designated for guest. It is a Clifftop Dayclub Celebrating sophisticated beach culture 530 ft above the indian ocean with a jaw dropping glass bottom sky pool extending 6 meters over the cliff edge overlooking with a good breath taking panoramic view.

For Regular Admission – Entrance Fee is 400k IDR (350K IDR consumable for food and drink)Children  from 3-12 yrs old – 150K IDR (100K IDR consumable for food and drinks)Includes: Seating in the sand lounge, Terrace or Bar- first come first serve basis.Complimentary WiFI and Use of Sky Pool and towel.

For VIP Admission – Entrance fee is 600K IDR (550K IDR consumable for food and drinks)Childrens up to 12 yrs old are not allowed to enter the VIP Area.Includes: Preferential seating in the VIP deck.Dedicated VIP service.Complimentary cold water, facial mist and granita.Free flowed ice water, complimentary wifi and use of sky pool and towel.

I booked a schedule of 12nn and we arrived 10 minutes earlier. The Receptionist accommodated us and showed us to the way to the  place where we will stay for couple of hours. We are booked under the VIP Admission and yes they really treated us very well like a VIP. They have few reminders to us such as:

1.No food and drinks from outside are permitted with in the resort.2.For the Privacy of the guest , no flying of drones.3.Smoking is permitted but with the designated areas only.4.No kids under 12 yes old is permitted in the VIP area.5.No climbing or sitting on the glass edge of the pool.6.No lifeguards on duty , swim at your own risk.7. No running and diving in the pool.8.Appropriate swimwears only.9.Children must be closely supervised.
Upon entering the resort, there was service golf car like, to send the guest to the pool area. 

The VIP area is just located at the left side of the resort which facing a majestic view of a mountain and sea. Amazing place to chill and relax indeed!.They informed us that we are allowed to stay from 12:00 noon till 5:00pm maximum. We agreed and we just relaxed in the designated area that’s very comfortable and very scenic and pleasing to the eye.

Since it was noon time and we haven’t eaten our lunch yet, we decided to check out the menu just in front of us.They have  different choices from local cuisine to international dishes. We opted to choose mix of everything since we are 6 people we decided to order different menu so we can taste all we wanted to taste. 550K IDR per person for food and drink is consumable and we really consumed every single idr we payed for this stay. Opps before i forgot they have this 21% tax for food and drinks.

So, prior to this trip we already planned what kind of food we are going to order. so here’s what we got :For Starters 1.Baja Taco – 2pcs per order 2.Scallop and Prawn Fritters -3 pcs per order 3.Bao – 2pcs per order 4.Cheese Burger Sliders – 2 pcs per order
Pasta and Main Menu 1.Capelli d Angelo 2.Nasi Goreng Nilayan – 2 orders 3.Los Pollos Burger 4.Seafood basket – 3 orders5.Baby Back Ribs – 3 orders
Drinks and Dessert 1.Banana Churros2.Passion Peach Smoothie3.Banana Salted Caramel 4.Oreo Cookie Smoothie

After 30 mins they started serving foods and we  made sure that we satisfied our hungry tummy before we started dipping in the pool. The food was very good and we really enjoyed everything, we actually did not finished everything and we have to ask for them to take it home. Yeah they agreed to so we have some food for our dinner. That’s a good deal,

About 2:00 pm we started roaming around for taking photos and swimming.They have 3 pools.One is for kids and one is for adults about 5-ft deep and connected to the “edge pool” with the glass bottom which is the highlight of this place. And lastly the one near the hotel which i guess is for the check in guest only coz no one is swimming.But i don’t have an idea my son was swimming there for the entire time we stayed , no one asked him to moved out so we joined him and enjoy the pool. Maybe because there no much guest that time.

I personally tried to go to the edge which at first made me a bit worried as i feel like i’m going to fall as i can see the bottom which is cliff side and ocean.To tell you frankly my legs was shaking that time so i just closed my eyes and walk to the very edge of the pool.I just realized that i have this acrophobia.But eventually i managed and just enjoyed the pool and panoramic scenery this place offers.Such an Amazing Place to chill, unwind, dine in, relax and spend the day with family, friends, or even yourself.

We started Packing up around 4:30pm and that time no much guest anymore and its more quite now to relax and enjoy the pool as other guest started packing up too. But we have till 5pm only so we also started getting ready and advised our tour coordinator to pick us up. Such a great day! We really enjoyed spending our afternoon in this place.You don’t need to be rich to experience this luxurious place with VIP service.You deserve to have a little bit of treat to yourself for working hard. Life is too short enjoy while you can! Enjoy, wander and love life!

Expenses :

Day 1600K  Entrance for Oneighty

159K  Car Rental for the day with Driver

20K    Dreamland entrance

10K    Padang Padang Beach entrance 

790K  IDR – about 2850 PHP  Total Expenses for the day.

Day 2 Nusa Penida Day Tour

Nusa Penida  is an Island in the Southeast of Bali.The Bandung Strait separates Nusa Penida and Bali. This place is one of the dream destination of many because of a scenic view this place offers.

There are two major destination in this island and they are the East and West tour.

East Nusa Penida tour consist of :

The famous Tree House

Diamond Beach

Atuh Beach

Bukit Teletubies

West Nusa Penida tour consist of :

The Kelingking Beach

Broken Beach

Angel Billabong

Crystal Bay

In our case since we have a very limited time we opted to visit the West Nusa Penida Tour.

Xplore Nusa Penida of Mr Ngurah Weda organized everything for my group.

December 28,2018 at 6:15am the driver and tour guide picked us up in our Hostel Green Papaya House which is located in Sukawati, Gianyar to the Sanur Port where the jump off point to Nusa Penida is located. We arrived around 7.00-7:15am and we just waited to the other guest.

Unfortunately the guest we are waiting didn’t showed up. So about 8.30am we  started going to the ferry that will send ur to the island.Its a bit crowded in the ferry ut we managed to get a good seating area. After 30 mins or so we arrived to the port and the designated tour guide/driver picked us up to start the tour.

It would be better to wear something comfortable or slippers going to the port as u will walk in the water especially if its a bit high tide. Short,and slippers is a must.But when you arrived the Island you don’t have to walk  in the water as they have this pathway where guest can walk.

Just right after meeting the driver, we proceed to the car  that  we will use to explore the island.

I can say that the road in Nusa Penida is not really developed, so be ready for a very bumpy ride, would be better if you are not full or else you might throw up or vomit or feel stomach discomfort. Would be better for those who are not used to travel bumpy to take something for Dizziness or like motion sickness Medicine.

About an hour of bumpy ride we arrived in the first destination.

The Angels Billabong. It is a nice rock formation with cliff edges. This Rock pool is one of the must see in Nusa Penida. Unfortunately we expected that we will see just exactly the same as what we see on the internet but to my dismay its not. Well the rock formation is good, its just that the water is not as blue as the sky and not as clean as i expected. But i understand that it was raining the night before we arrived so the water is a bit muddy and not clear. That’s ok though. We still happy to see this Rock Formation in our own eyes. Lesson learned. Dont expect too much!

Next Destination is just 2 mins away from the Angels Billabong . It was the Spectacular  Broken Beach. It was Scenic coastal formation on the southwestern side of Nusa Penida. It was a picturesque destination with an arched tunnel allowing the ocean to flow into a superb pool. Facing the Indian Ocean. is a great spot for photographer and nature lover though its not allowed for swimming. Since Broken Beach is one of the major tourist spot in Nusa Penida Its better to visit the island as early as 6-7am to avoid crowd and to take a good photo and enjoy this majestic view.

Next destination we headed to is the most famous among all. The Kelingking Beach. It was famous because of its Tyrannosaurus Rex resemblance coz of its shape and not to mention the majestic view this places offers which made this as the most favorite place in Nusa Penida island.It was a hidden beach in the south western coast where you an enjoy the breathtaking view over hills and small strip of white sand beach below.This features a limestone headland covered with green lush and surrounded with dark blue waters of Indian Ocean. You can enjoy taking photos and selfies and you can even walk down the this hill and enjoy the beach. A bit steep road to go down which will take about an hour and half going down and hour and half going up too.Swimming is allowed but depends on the weather and have to be mindful as the current in this beach is quite strong. So have to take care as no life guards around the beach to look after you. This place s our favorite among all. But as i said it would be much better if you will visit the island earlier in the morning as people starts to jam packed around noon time or after lunch.

Around 12:30 pm we drove to the restaurant for the plated lunch included in the package. We went to this restaurant named Sebuluh Resto bar. So we are allowed 1 order of anything that’s in the menu and one drinks. We ordered:

Nasi Campur plus Watermelon Smoothie

Ayam Kremes plus Watermelon Smoothie

Ayam Lada Hitam plus Mango Smoothie

Ayam Rica Rica plus Honey Dew Smoothie

Ayam Penyet Plus Honey Dew Smoothie

All these foods taste great and we enjoyed. The only problem we encountered is that they served quite long time but understandable as its peak hours for lunch.

This day trip includes visit in the Crystal Bay. It is known as the hidden beach and dive spot in Bali.This beach is accessible as the road going here is more developed unlike the other 3 destinations we visited. This place is know to be one of the best snorkelling sites and dive site for its very good visibility and calm waves.But unfortunately we opted not to visit this place as we are in limited time and we are running kinda late for the 2:00pm ferry ride back to the mainland.

About 1:45pm, we arrived to the port  and we settled ourselves  going back to mainland. There are 2 time options of ferry going back to Sanur at 2:00pm and B.5:00pm. We opted 2:00pm ferry as we wanted to relax and enjoy the pur resort in Gianyar.

Going back to the port, we experienced some stop over in the middle of the sea, we don’t have idea why but some people panicked but we remained calm. The weather is not that good that’s the time where there’s some tsunami occurrence in some indonesian territory.But since we checked the weather and made sure that its safe in bali  we did this tour. Thank God we arrived safe! Despite of huge waves and bad weather. We made it. Prayer works a lot!

This Day Tour trip cost 850K IDR including the pick up and drop off to hotel.Free Xplore Nusa Penida T Shirt. PLated lunch from Sebuluh Resto. Back and fourth Transportation in the island, and Back and fourth Ferry ride.

The Nusa Penida Day Tour is a must to visit and definitely one of the best and highlights in Bali. If you don’t have much time day tour is fine but i suggest that if you wanted to truly appreciate this hidden gem, spend a night or two in this island. You will never regret and you will have a great time wandering this beauty of Bali has to offer! Such a wonderful and Amazing experience!

Happy wandering!!


850K  Package for Nusa Penida Tour All in.

120K  Dinner at G warung at night

970K IDR – about 2990 PHP total expenses for the day

Day 4 Bedugul Tour

After a tiring Island Trip yesterday ( Nusa Penida Island Day Tour). We are now ready for the next scheduled trip for this day, Bedugul Tour. This trip will consist the visit to:

Ulun Danu Temple,Bedugul Botanical Garden, Twin Lake Wanagiri,Handara Gate and Tanah Lot Temple. 

We woke up 7:00 am to have our breakfast before our tour starts at 8:00am. Exactly 8am our Guide / Driver arrived and we are all ready to start this fun filled day.

About 45 minutes we arrived  to the Twin Lake Wanagiri Hill.It is located in the highlands of Wanagiri and Munduk Village, Sukasada District Buleleng Regency Bali, Indonesia. This majestic view of Lake Buyan and Lake Tambingan  has been a popular spot and must to see in Bali as this places offers a very nice ambiance and relaxation to the eyes of every wanderer. Those who loves taking selfies and photos will surely fell in love with this place. We surely does.

 They have 100K IDR for the entrance  fee,a bit expensive but that’s ok as we wanted to experience and see the stunning view of the lake and take photos  around the area with different design. We spent around an hour in taking photos and enjoying the view and also we loved the weather in this place as its quite high so its cold in there.  Unfortunately the weather that day is gloomy and cloudy so a bit dark in taking photos and more of clouds.But thats really no problem , we still enjoyed the place.

Next stop, A really quick stop is the famous Handara Gate which is located at the Handara Golf Course and Resort in Bedugul, Bali. This gate is easy to find as its fronting the mainroad.

We payed 30K IDR for  a limit of 10 minutes of taking selfies and photos. When we arrived there are couple of people waiting for their turn and they really did it fast as its written in the “selfie ticket” maximum 10 minutes only! hahah for just a gate photo you need to pay an amount and with time. Well this place is famous so i guess they  just maximize the place to earn some.Very good view and instagramable place though. We had fun.

Not so far from the Handara Gate, we arrived in the second destination. Ulun Danu Temple. This Temple is one of the significant temple in bali at the same time one of the must to see spot. It is located in Lake Beratan in central Bali, Tabanan Regency.This places says to be the most iconic sanctuary as it shows like the combination of Tanah Lot and Uluwatu Temple. This places got a very nice colorful garden and also have playground for kids. They also have an inhouse buffet restaurant for the guest too. We arrived early morning but i can say that there’s a lot of visitors that day as in  lots, so haven’t really got a good photo near the temple as its too crowded. haven’t even got a solo photo too. If you are ok with that then theres no problem but if you want a good less crowd photo try to go here early in the morning. As far as i remember they are open as early as 8:00 in the morning.

After around 45 minutes of  enjoying the Ulun Danu Temple, we headed to the Bedugul Botanical Garden which is just few kilometers from the Temple. Entrance fee is 30K IDR. This place is a place  for  botanical garden, research,studies and even recreational. Ideal for family and friends. Great for picnics, games, and some sport. Inside the garden you will see places such as botanical house, Balinese houses, tree collections, cactus, bamboo house and etc. The weather here is great as its cool and quite cold as its really surrounded with lots of different flowers and trees. We saw some Indonesian sculptures which is known widely and is part of their history.

Very relaxing, enjoying, worth the visit, and you can  peace at one point just find a spot for your self and enjoy!

After our 4th stop we can feel our hungry tummy is wanting some food to eat. We asked for our driver to bring us to a nice place with local cuisine that is good for our budget. Guess what? Our entire full meal lunch just cost like Handara Gate’s entrance fee!!! Yes!! Our driver drove us to the place where we can have a local Balinese Cuisine. Babi Guling , which is roasted pig like what we have in the Philippines, and that’s their version of our Lechon.

The small eatery is just located in the roadside and we saw lots of locals were eating in that area. Our driver ordered food for us and wow we are surprised with the meal he ordered for us.

The meal consist of Rice, Veggies, and a chops of Babi Guling, a stick of  satay, and pork soup.

All of this for 30K IDR. Yes!! 30K IDR only for this huge meal. if you wanted soft drinks or ice tea just add 5K IDR. We really had an amazing local lunch for a cheap price.

After an hour in the small eatery, we started to travel to the final  destination. The Tanah Lot Temple.

The Tanah Lot Temple is a historical Hindu  temple and iconic pilgrimage site built on a dramatic rock formation in the sea. Entrance fee to visit is place is 60K IDR This place is great if its low tide so u can see and enjoy the temple on the other side.When we visited, it was very windy and rained a bit , weather is not that good and cloudy and gloomy, we haven’t seen sunset too. But this place is great for taking photos because of the amazing rock formation and the waves. Lots of families are here for sightseeing and even do picnics, its nice to visit for couples too. Would be awesome to have an amazing weather, and less crowed so you can truly enjoy the place with peace and serenity.

Our last stop should be the Taman Ayum Temple and Waterfall Tegenungan. But since we have a limited time we opted to skip the 2 spots and we headed back to our hotel.

Such a wonderful day for all of us! Very productive and interesting!

Summary of Expenses

100K IDR     Twin lake Wanagiri

 30K IDR      Handara Gate

 50K IDR      Ulun Danu Temple

30K IDR       Botanical Garden

60K IDR       Tanah Lot Temple

35K IDR       Lunch

100K IDR     Dinner

100K IDR     Transpo  day

605k IDR      2270 PHP Total of expenses for the entire day


Woke up as early as 4:00 am to prepare for the 5:00am pick up for this exciting tour of the day. Lempuyang Tour  combined with  Ubud Tour.

Exactly 5:00 am we started travelling to the north to see this famous Lempuyang Temple as also known as the Heavens Gate. We started travelling too easily so all of us just went back to sleep as soon as we seated comfortably in the van.We just woke up when we feel that we are passing by in a zigzag road. All good as its just about 15 minutes  and we will arrive into our first destination at 6:45am.

 The Heavens Gate – Pura Lempuyang. It was the highlight of our tour  for the day actually , Our driver /guide told us that usually its crowded up there but since we are early we can have some moment for us and take lots of photos. Its usually allowed only 2 mins per guest to have a photo shoot session. This temple is one of the iconic temple in Bali and its also sacred temple for them. Arriving to the temple, you will be greeted by the statue of dragon paralleled to the stairs leading to the temple and then you will see an incredible and majestic site and view. If you are lucky, you will be able to see the Beauty of Mt. Agung fronting the gate. Unfortunately it was cloudy and it rained when we are there so no  visibility of Mt. Agung but nevertheless the visit is worth it.

I was surprised also when i saw the place , its already beautiful but the guy who is allowed to take photos did some effects to make the gate more dramatic with its mirror effect style. I loved it as its cool and artistic and yeah dramatic. No entrance fee here but just a donation will help them in maintaining the temple.

The Tirta Gangga Royal water garden has a lavish water garden owned by the Royal Karangasem family which you can see stuff like pool, ponds, fountains surrounded by neatly cut lawns with stepping stones and ornate statues.The Entrance fee here is 30K IDR for adult and 15K IDR for kids.

Taman Ujung. Also known as Royal Water Palace.It is the sister of Tirta Gangga and also built by the late Raja of Karangasem.This complex is built with  various large pools and historic structures set against the backdrop of Mt. Agung. This complex is a combination of both Balinese and European architecture throughout the large ponds that is connected with bridges and pathways. This place is not crowded and forsure you will enjoy every part of this place which is about 10 hectares area. Great Landscape, amazing water garden,The entrance fee to here is 60K IDR.

Since it was lunch time we had a break and went to this nice restaurant in Ubud. The name of the resto is Pangkon Bali, which just locate din a very nice place and with the view of rice paddies. The restaurant is an outdoor resto with a nice cool homey garden ambiance, very fresh and relaxing.We ordered some local deli and some other viands. Such a great lunch for us.

Tegallalang Rice Terraces. The famous spot in Ubud for its beautiful scene of rice paddies similar to the Philippines – Banaue Rice Terraces. Its very picturesque and great for photo sessions,great for photo lovers and nature lover as well. There’s no entrance fee in this area but a donation is great to be able to help them for the maintenance of the area.

The Coffee Plantation.This tour in my favorite among all. Its just 15 minutes from the Tegalalang  Rice Terraces. Upon entering the Plantation, they will give you an entrance wrist sticker and one staff will accompany you and they will give a briefing and a bit of a lecture on how they process the tea and coffee they serve and also how they process the special coffee they sell  which is the LUWAK COFFEE.This Kopi Luwak is one of the most expensive coffee in the world. Kopi means coffee in indonesia and luwak means asian palm civet. This kopi is the coffee bean that has been digested by a palm civet. The civet eats the bean and gets through its digestive  tract and then passed through the intestines and eventually the palm civet will pooped it out.They picked up the poop of civet and they begin to process it to become a coffee. A poop coffee.This coffee plantation is free of entrance instead of you paying for them, they will give you free coffee and tea for a total of 16 cups. Yes they give it for free.  And if ever you wanted to try the Kopi Luwak which i will say a must , you should really try it. Its only 50K IDR per cup.Worth to try in Bali and its really different from the traditional balinese coffee. Super enjoyed the place. Worth it bigtime!

Lastly. Ubud Market, locally known as Pasar Seni Ubud. A Shopping Haven. Its just located opposite direction of the Royal temple.Here you can find beautiful art crafts , paintings, wood carvings, souvenirs, scarfs,  the famous rattan bags, some musical instruments and dreamcatchers. I enjoyed sight seeing here as its very colorful, and if you wanna buy something you can just haggle the price. We just bought bali bag and  a bali surfboard display for home.Really need a good haggling skills as first they give too much but in the end if you walk away they will give up and give you the best price 😉

Such an exciting and fulfilled day!


10K   Lempuyang Temple Donation

30k    Tirta Gangga Entrance

60K   Taman Ujung Entrance

10K   Tegalalang Rice Terraces Donation

150K Car Rental for the whole day

100K Lunch  at Pangkon Bali

150K Dinner at Hotel

510K IDR – about 1900 PHP Total of Expenses

Thanks for reading

Where did we stayed in Bali ?

Our Stay in Bali would be incomplete and not great if we don’t have a good accomodation.

Been looking online where is the nice place that we can really rest at the same time a place that we can enjoy after our tiring day tour. Green Papaya House is the best i found among the hotels and hostels around Ubud. Affordable Accomodation, Homey atmosphere, not crowded and you can really rest in the night.

If you are looking for a place to stay in bali, this place is a good choice.
Green Papaya House – located at Sutami, Kemenuh, Sukawati Gianyar ,Bali Indonesia.
They provide awesome Accommodation with free wifi , excellent pool, great plated breakfast with choices of Nasi Goreng, Mie Goreng, Banana Pancake , Omelet. With daily servings of fruits, balinese coffee and bottled water.
Big room with big bed and big bathroom, with amenities such as towels, bath soap and shampoo.
They have kitchen which you can use for cooking or reheating foods.They also have water dispenser for water refill for free.
The owners family are very accommodating and nice.
Very easy to talk to and even requesting very early breakfast around 4.30am they gladly accommodate us. English Speaking Owners too.
We reserve 3 double rooms, and are located 2 upstairs and 1 downstairs facing the pool area.
It was quite place to relax and sleep good after long tiring day.
Very affordable and value for money. 

You can book Green Papaya House in this site and get 10% back when you successfully stayed in this place just use this link to register—>>>


Spend 3,780,000 idr for 5d4n stay with daily breakfast
And its about 2,280 php each person for entire stay.
Great catch ! Thank you very much for accommodating us!!!

Thanks for reading !!! Check out my other Blog for Bali Trip 





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